Tire industry

Tyre industry faces several technological and market challenges by globalization, increasing competition and by growing demand for high technology tyres, environmental sustainability. Tyre manufacturers’ aims are to improve productivity manufacturing efficiency and reduce operating, energy costs, scrape rate maintaining the competitive advantages and to meet their EHS goals as well. Continues 24/7/365 operating schedule, extreme operating conditions of the equipment in the tyre manufacturing process challenge the fluid power systems and their components and seal elements.  

Tyre industry faces several technological and market challenges by globalizationTyre’s quality is strictly determined by critical process parameters, where utilized fluid power seals and other sealing devices have significant effect on the maintenance of the process parameters (just like curing temperature and pressure) at the required values and in tolerance ranges during the manufacturing process. Meaning the seals have direct influence on the tyre quality, energy consumption and potential scrape rate in case of seal failure.

SealFluid and FP design and manufacture high-performance sealing solutions for a wide range of tyre industry  applications. By combining innovative products with industry knowledge, SealFluid delivers sealing solutions that improve plant productivity, efficiency and reducing operational costs.

    Application areas:

    Banbury mixers

    Wire calender

    Fabric calender

    Rubber extruders

    Tyre assembly machines

    Tyre curing presses

    Tyre test machines

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