Steel industry

Sealfluid industry sector: steel industryOperating authorities of the modern rolling mills face more complex challenges today. Greater productivity through higher rolling speed in combination with increasing requirements related to product quality from the market just like improved surface quality, flatness and thickness tolerances. In addition, greater mill flexibility is required by growing product variety. 

Such operating conditions apply increased demands on the hydraulic systems and hydraulic cylinders of the rolling mills.  Higher operating speed and system pressure, shock load, side load, vibration, extended operating temperature range and aggressive fluids and requirement for low friction operation (increasing cylinder sensitivity), challenge the hydraulic cylinders, actuators and their seal systems.

High performance sealing solutions will assist to optimize the operation and reliability of the actuators, maintaining availability and productivity of the rolling mills. Further properly designed low friction seal systems will assist to meet product quality requirements as well.

SealFluid and FP offer seal solutions for steel industry that provide greater safety and reliability in the operating condition extremes of primary metals manufacturing.

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