Hydropower industry

Hydropower technology is known as environmentally friendly and pollution free pattern for energy generation. However, it still represents a certain level of risk for the environment because of the high volume of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and grease is utilized with different functions:

  • Equalize hub pressure to the outside water pressure (protection of the turbine hub and internal mechanism)
  • Many of the driving and positioning functions are obtained by hydraulic systems
  • Lubrication of the moving components

Sealfluid industry sector: hydropower industryAs there is an increasing demand on water quality preservation and water pollution prevention can be observed, it generates interest to provide safer and leak-free operations of the hydraulic systems and cylinders in the hydropower plants. Higher performance, long lasting sealing solutions will assist to improve reliability and trouble free-operation, expanding the intervals between equipment maintenance, overhauls.

SealFluid and FP offer a diverse and specialized selection of fluid power sealing solutions specifically designed to increase safety, improve reliability and prolong life time of the hydraulic applications in the hydropower industry sector.


    Servo motors for position control of wicket gates

    Safety gate operating cylinders

    Cylinders for water control sluice gates

    Cylinders for trash rack cleaners

    Actuators for butterfly valve control

    Servo motors of spherical valves

    Spill gate operating cylinders

    Fish gate cylinders

    Ship-lock gate operating cylinders Hydraulic accumulators

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