Aluminium extrusion

Greater productivity of the aluminium extrusion press lines means shorter press cycle time and less side time. The shorter press cycle time generally can be achieved by increased hydraulic system pressure and by higher operating speed of the actuators in the presses.

Sealfluid industry sector: aluminium extrusionHigher hydraulic system pressure and speed elevate the risk of shock load, while in combination with long stroke of the actuators in horizontal orientation (meaning potential excessive side load) will represent extremely harsh operating environment for the seal components in all critical cylinders of the extrusion press. Greater reliability of the cylinders and seal systems is crucial for operation authorities of the extrusion presses, which will assist to maintain the trouble-free, continues operation (24-7) and productivity of the press lines.

The indirect consequences of potential seal failure cannot be underestimated as well. Seal failure can lead to cylinder failure, damage what causes production loss via unplanned shutdown of the press line and costly repair works of the large diameter hydraulic cylinders. The properly design seal system will assist to increase reliability and extend productive run time of the presses.


    SealFluid and FP fluid power sealing products are designed and built for high performance and improved reliability in even the most challenging heavy-duty conditions, providing reliable service in high-pressure and high-pressure extrusion press applications.

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