F.lli Paris is a recognised leader in hydraulic, pneumatic, and rotary seal technologies – specialising in heavy-duty fluid power, fluid handling and power transmission sealing solutions. F.lli Paris delivers application specific, custom tailored seals and complete seal kits to meet customers’ needs worldwide, and across most heavy industry sectors.

Mining industry

Sealfluid industry sector: mining industry

Growing industrial needs for
different ores and minerals have…

Aluminium Extrusion

Sealfluid industry sector: aluminium extrusion

Greater productivity of the aluminium extrusion press lines means …

Steel industry

Sealfluid industry sector: steel industry

 Greater productivity through higher
rolling speed in combination with….

Forming machines

Sealfluid industry sector: forming machines

Operating authorities of diverse type
of forming machines have…

Hydropower industry

Sealfluid industry sector: hydropower industry

Hydropower technology is known as
environmentally friendly and …

Tyre industry

Tyre industry faces several technological and market challenges by globalization

Tyre industry faces several
technological and market…

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